Oasis Church

Seeking to Experience the Father’s Love then Giving it Away


Act of Covenanting Together

5. Induction of pastor James Kazungu

We have gathered and we come to affirm our belief that as this church and ministerhave explored the possibilities of life together here in Kadungu, they have been brought to this mutual commitment through the movement and calling of the Holy Spirit. 

So today we have come to witness the covenant, which this church and this minister are making with each other to walk together as people of Christ.

First let us recognise the senior leaders who will share many of the responsibilities of this fellowship with James. Rogers Kisige, Silus Wabwire and Henry Odongo please join James. Now let your wives join you.

This is the Senior Leadership Team of Oasis Chuch, Kadungu campus; I invite the members of this Church to stand.

Q1. Will you regularly pray for your senior leaders, support them and honour them as true servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and this fellowship of Believers?

A1. We will

So let us hear from the church and from James as they share with us something of their story. 

Telling the story… short and simple 

Confessing faith and promising faithfulness: the Covenant of Church and Minister 

JAMES invites the local church congregation to stand. They speak alternately, the congregation using the words in bold type 

Today we stand with each other, 

recognising the Christ in our midst, 

affirming our faith in the God who loves us with a love that transforms us, 

and who calls us to work for a transformed world. 

Today we stand with each other, 

recognising the Christ in each other, 

affirming the calling of the Spirit 

who has brought us together this day. 

Today I bring myself and the gifts I have, and I covenant to serve and encourage this church and community: 

to respect and care for you, to journey with you,

to take responsibility among you, to seek God with you,

to listen to God in you, and to work with you to be Christ in this world.

What kind of people does Christ call us to be? 

We are called to be a prophetic people, working for justice, resisting violence and challenging the abuse of power. 

We are called to be an inclusive people, pulling down the walls of prejudice and welcoming the stranger. 

We are called to be a sacrificial people, risking uncertainty, becoming vulnerable, and reflecting the generosity of God. 

We are called to be a missionary people, demonstrating in word and actionthe redeeming love of God in the world. 

We are called to be a worshipping people,seeking and celebrating the God who journeys with us, and open to the Spirit in the whole of life. 

God of life, you call us and envision us,

we give ourselves today to each other and to you,

trusting that as you call us so you covenant

to share this journey with us,

to nurture and sustain our life together and to guide our paths. Amen.

6. Recognition

DTA invites visitors to stand 

As friends and representatives of the wider church and community, we have heard this church and minister affirm their faith and make a covenant with each other and with God. 

If you will recognise and support this new relationship, then say with me:

Today we stand with you, recognising the commitment you have made, offering our encouragement for the challenges that lie ahead of you, and sharing in your hope for a new day. 

7. Induction prayer 

DTA In the spirit of the covenant that has just been made between church and minister, these prayers are not only for the minister, but for the minister and the church together.

So I invite all visiting pastors to come forward and lay hands upon James and his Leaders. I will make the declaration, then please pray short prayers as the Holy Spirit leads.

7. Declaration and Blessing 

In the name of Jesus Christ and his church here at Kadungu

and in the name of Oasis Church and Partners in Harvest, I now declare that James has been inducted to the pastorate of this church and congregation, to work with them, and they with him, in the ministry to which Christ has called them all. As a token of this, I now offer a hand of fellowship. 

DTA invites the visiting members of the congregation, as representatives of the wider church, to bless the new minister and congregation 

The covenant God bind you in grace and love, the faithful God keep you faithful through all things and the God of hope and peace sustain you in the way of Jesus, this day and every day. Amen 

8. Pastors of Kadungu and the wider Church family I invite you to come forward with your 1-minute greeting.

9. Let me request pastor Emmy Tumusiime the senior pastor of Oasis Church to present some small gifts as a reminder of this occasion.


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